Wearcome Shop 成立於2015年,是一個線上選物平台,專注於挖掘世界各地具有代表性、獨特性的有趣產品,精選各種原創品牌、滑板和街頭服飾。我們與品牌合作,致力於打造一個文化平台,成為消費者與品牌之間的橋樑。





Wearcome Shop was established in 2015 as an online select shop that focuses on discovering interesting and unique products from around the world. We carefully select original brands, skateboard and streetwear fashion, and collaborate with them to create a cultural platform that serves as a bridge between consumers and brands.

We execute planning for each brand’s collection, from themes to styling, photography, and written content, sharing the fascinating stories behind each brand.We don’t just sell products, but we aim to convey a culture and share our love for the items through this platform.

Our product selection is inspired by our passion for streetwear and skateboard culture, and we don’t limit ourselves to any specific style. We also feature many classic brands that have deep roots in American culture and have been around for over a century. The products themselves are designed with simplicity and basic functionality in mind, and these timeless styles never fade away with time. This is what attracted us to them in the first place.

Starting in 2023, we have initiated a new redesign plan that incorporates our design and processing techniques with high-quality brand items in-store. This new approach allows us to maintain our favorite products while showcasing their unique features. In the future, we will launch them in a limited edition, irregular manner.

“Wearcome” all forms of creators and artists to join us on our journey, our vision is to create for and inspire those who seek more than the ordinary, and introduce the most exciting lifestyle brands to Taiwan.


Business Entity:威爾康實業社

GUI number:87461155



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